Safety is the number one priority when we are on a job. All of our pilots are trained professionals with years of drone experience.

DroneViews is covered by public limited liability insurance of up to €6.5 million.

All of our drones are registered with the Irish Aviation Authority. Our pilots are also licensed with the Irish Aviation Authority so that we may operate commercially.

No, in certain areas such as airports or prisons drone use is prohibited without permission from the Irish Aviation Authority. If you have a question or concern about your project location please contact us.

DroneViews offers many drone services including photography, videography, surveys, inspections and 3D mapping all for construction, real-estate and commercial purposes. If you need a specific drone service, chances are we offer it.

Yes. DroneViews is based in Dublin but we will travel anywhere in the country for your drone needs.

Once all the footage or photography is shot it will be edited to your liking or delivered in its raw format. DroneViews is operated by Lensmen, a videography and photography company with a team of professional editors. 

DroneViews is a service offered by Lensmen. Aerial photography is such a large subject that we decided to separate it from the main Lensmen website and name.

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