Drone Services Offered By Lensmen

Who We are

DroneViews is a Dublin, Ireland based drone photography and videography company. We use the latest drone technologies to deliver high-quality aerial photography to help your business with projects that can’t be completed from ground level. Drone surveys from DroneViews are a quick way to gain information about land and building conditions from above. 

Our clients gain valuable information on their planned or in-progress construction and real-estate projects thanks to aerial photography. By hiring trained and certified pilots, clients receive high quality aerial photographs and videos, effective for marketing, surveying, real-estate and other business needs.

What are Drones?

A drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), is a small aircraft controlled remotely by a trained pilot from the ground. There are endless uses for drone technology, and photography is no exception. Our drones are outfitted with high quality 4k cameras to help our clients get the footage they need for their construction, real-estate or other needs. 

Drone in Flight

Meet the Team

Susan kennedy

Head of Lensmen

Samuel Souza

Drone Pilot – Videography

Sean Walsh

Drone Pilot – Construction

DRONEVIEWS 2022 Showreel

A compilation of our work