3D Mapping

Common Applications of Drone 3D Mapping

Drone surveying and mapping is such a powerful tool that all industries can greatly benefit from. This is just a list of the most common applications of 3D mapping that we have encountered:

  • Undeveloped land for property developement
  • Home renovations and real-estate
  • Factories or Large Plants
  • Historical Monuments
Overhead view of cargo ship in port

Benefits of Drone Surveying and 3D Mapping

Surveying and mapping with drones has many benefits when compared to the more traditional methods, including the time saved, the reduced costs and the safety of the surveyor. Find out more about these benefits and what drone 3D mapping can do for your company below. 

Key Benefits of Drone 3D Mapping


When mapping out and surveying a site, accuracy is vital. Having to repeat work you already performed due to inaccurate results is a waste of time and money. With cutting edge drone technology the risk of inaccuracies is eliminated. High quality photographs combined with industry leading software guarantee that your property or site will be mapped with precision and accuracy. 


Many sites that may need mapping such as construction sites, highways or railroads pose a great number of risk to those who have to survey and map them. With drones this risk is completely eliminated, while not compromising on quality. Not to mention the time and costs required to perform the survey and mapping are greatly reduced when compared to traditional methods. 


Our drones use high quality 4k images to create the 3d mappings of your site, allowing for unmatched quality and detail. A high quality and accurate 3D map is essential and with DroneViews you are guaranteed to be left satisfied with the results. High quality images are especially important when communicating with other parties or clients.

Stockpile Measurements

Drones are able to quickly calculate stockpile volumes without disrupting ongoing construction. Using our 3D mapping cameras and software, our pilots will fly over the stockpiles to be measured, create a 3D map of the piles, and accurately calculate the volume and area of a pile. Since the process is quick and non-disruptive these stockpile measurements are able to be conducted more frequently, allowing construction to stay within budget.

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