Aerial Photo + Video: Real Estate 

Aerial real estate footage makes it easier and more attractive for buyers to view properties from the comfort of their own home. Using drone photographs and video to create engaging listings can help estate agents highlight properties and make sales.

Showcase Properties

With high-quality aerial photography, any property can be shown in its best light. 4K drone photography can give interior and exterior property tours, show imagery of the surrounding neighbourhood, and highlight incredible views to potential buyers. Aerial photos and videos would also emphasize a home’s special features, such as a pool or beautifully landscaped grounds. Clients are frequently interested in tours of an entire town, to learn more about the area. Here is aerial footage taken in Ardee by our professional drone pilot:

Property Surveys

Potential customers appreciate getting an overview of the property or area they are interested in. Drone photography can help survey an entire property, or specific parts of a property. Roof surveys are a great way to give a potential buyer additional information on property they are interested in. Using a drone to highlight the condition and quality of a roof can quickly give a buyer peace of mind and allow them to make an informed decision. Below is an example of aerial video taken in Dundalk highlighting estate complexes.   Contact Drone Views: 01 819 7738.
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