Drone Views are Professional Commercial Drone Operators, We cover all over Ireland both north and south of Ireland.

We are Licenced by the Irish Aviation Authority. We have 6.5 million Insurance cover in place. Specialists Aerial Photography, 360° Virtual Tour, Aerial Surveying, 360 panoramas, 360° Photos, 3D Models, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Mapping and Precision Agriculture.

IAA Approved

We have professional drone pilots who are highly qualified and licensed by The IAA (Irish Aviation Authority). The IAA is responsible when it comes to dealing with the management of Irish-controlled airspace.

Also, the safety regulation of Irish civil aviation and the oversight of civil aviation security in Ireland. Drones may be restricted from certain airspace simply due to avoiding collateral damage or accidents.


Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control was established in order to control and direct aircraft through controlled airspace and on the ground. An air traffic controller controls the air who would have high qualifications to deal with numerous planes, drones, etc.

However, due to the high numbers of commercial planes, drones are not allowed near airports for safety reasons. To become a qualified (ATC) through the IAA there are 4 required stages that can be read on the IAA website.

Controlled Airspace

Airspace is the area above the ground that allows aircraft, drones, etc to fly over.  Although you may have registered your drone with the IAA, you may be restricted from flying in some areas. Controlled airspace has the same foundation as air traffic control. The no-fly zone is an area where aircraft activity is not permitted. For instance here are 3 of the 14 no-fly zones we have in Ireland.

No-fly zone - Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport – No-fly zone
No-fly zone - Mountjoy Prison Dublin
Mountjoy Prison Dublin – No-fly zone

Rules for drone users

Our rules follow the same protocols as safety etc which can be read in more detail below.  


When it comes to being safe and secure, it is primarily our job to ensure our health and safety of firstly.  This applies to other flying aircraft as well. As a professional drone user, you are responsible for using them and be aware of the rules. Here are official instructions stated by the IAA:
  • Always keep your drone in sight – This is to allow you to keep the drone in plain sight and in a result, avoid a catastrophe
  • Avoid flying the drone over 400ft (120m) – This is more or less the same as above. In order for your drone to not come in contact with commercial planes avoid passing the limit.
  • Most of all not to fly the drones over groups of people, stadiums, and sports events, concerts, etc..
  • Not to be in restricted areas
  • Kept above urban areas like villages or town
  • It mustn’t be flown within 30m of any person
  • Failure to comply with these rules may lead up to the prosecution
Rules for Drone Operation from IAA
IAA Rules for Drone Operation


Drone Views is covered by public limited liability insurance of up to €6.5 million.

Documents Required for Drone Flight

Click to download documents required for drone flights:

Specific Operating Permission Application

Controlled Airspace Application Form IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY Risk Assessment

GDPR Compliant

We are fully compliant with GDPR changes. By law, we are obliged to follow all data changes that have been put in play. To follow more about GDPR click here.   Contact Drone Views: 01 819 7738.
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