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Drones have come to play an important role in protecting the environment. From monitoring changes in terrain and animal habitats, to disaster relief and agriculture, drones are making a difference in how we balance human and environmental needs everyday.  

Waste Dumping

Waste dumping is starting to become a serious issue here in Ireland. Unfortunately, waste is being left in unauthorized locations rather than at legal dumpsites. The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten decided to take action. In a press conference, he stated that funds of around €2m will be allocated in order to target illegal dumping. Illegal dumping will be watched very carefully to reduce amount of waste left at unauthorized dumpsites. Drones can be one tool used to help reduce environmental damage from issues like illegal waste dumping. Below is a glimpse of these activities:

Renewable Energy

With the growth in renewable energy resources such as solar panels and wind turbines, the need for monitoring and maintenance of these resources has also increased. Drones have proven to be a safe method for providing maintenance in these areas. Drones are piloted safely from the ground, but can provide photo and video survey images of the solar and wind equipment that used to be monitored using heavy machinery and harnesses. Easier maintenance will help with growth of these renewable energy resources, and drones are helping to make this happen.

Environmental Monitoring

Drones are also being used to track environmental changes like soil erosion, coastal changes, and floodplains. By mapping and measuring changes, communities are better able to prepare for, and in some situations prevent, environmental issues. Creative use of drone technology is also assisting with monitoring of agriculture and wildlife, helping to preserve the environment and the animals that rely on it.


Another part of the environment that drones are starting to make a difference in is with delivery services. Instead of the regular trucks or vans, drones are now being tested for short flights, such as the last mile of delivery to a customer’s home. These short flights carrying light items can both save fuel and cut carbon emissions. There is a new €6.3m research project undergoing to put this plan into action granted by Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development, John Halligan TD. Contact Drone Views: 01 819 7738.
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