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Drone Survey

A drone survey will give you detailed information about landscapes, buildings, and construction sites. Aerial surveys enable a wide range of view while providing for close inspection of land or buildings. High-definition photos and videos help to provide accurate images for any survey needs. Safety is an important factor while operating drone equipment. Our professional pilots are fully insured and licensed and qualified under the IAA.

Surveys of Monuments 

Drones are able to survey historic monuments for planning and preservation without causing any harm to the site. Heritage councils, archaeologists and other professionals can use new drone technologies such as thermal imaging to help with monitoring conditions at monument sites. Drones can also help with creating 3-D models of historic sites and gathering previously unknown data on what could be found underground.

Roof Surveys

With a roof survey, aerial footage is taken with a drone over the building or property. Surveying building structures is now much easier and safer with the aid of drones, as drones can survey areas that may be dangerous or difficult to reach from the ground. Surveying a roof by drone can help gather highly-detailed information, and the survey results will help you to make informed decisions about your property.

Rail Surveys

Inspections need to be carried out regularly on railway tracks for safety. This has led to a huge demand in the railway industry for surveys. Drones have the advantage of being able to cover areas that are busy or unreachable by humans. The availability of drones has made rail surveys much easier and more efficient. Larger areas can be covered and accurate results are received right away. Contact Drone Views for more information about how drone surveys can help your business. Contact Drone Views: 01 819 7738.
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