Aerial Photo Wind Turbine in Construction

Aerial Photography + Video: Construction

Construction projects can benefit in multiple ways from aerial photography and videography. Drones capture high quality, 4K aerial photos and videos, giving project managers an overhead view of their sites. Planning is an important part of construction, and aerial images can help with imaging and measurements before breaking ground, as well as providing a quick, safe way to monitor on-going projects from above. Contact us today to find out how our professional licensed drone pilots can help with your next project.

What can we use Drones for in Construction?

Drones are beneficial in the construction field as they can cover large quantities of the ground more efficiently and safely than people. Searching and surveying acreage is now made easier with the aid of a flying camera. Make your projects more efficient by using drones for surveying and monitoring your site.


Planning is essential in the construction field. Accurate information about the site is needed from the beginning stages of a project, and aerial photography and videography with drones can help provide clear information before a project begins. By using images collected by drones, project managers can gather data and complete mapping quickly and efficiently. Our professional, certified drone pilots help ensure projects are ready to move on to the next stages.


In addition to using drones to improve efficiency, Drone Views also offers time-lapse services. Time-lapse and drone videos combine to create fantastic marketing videos for social media and future business opportunities. Time-lapse videos can show a summary of the work completed on-site. Cameras are strategically placed on site, and programmed to automatically take photos at set intervals over a pre-determined period of time. When this is done the images are combined into a professional video, and clients can see the progress of a job site from start to finish.

Risk Assessment

Construction work continuously involves the risk that something could go wrong while working with a variety of materials and structures on a daily basis. Risk assessments involve doing analyses and surveys. Drones can assist in outlining areas that could become a risk or hazardous at a work site so that risks can be addressed before becoming an issue.


For overhead views of your site, drones are safer to use than other options. Previously, construction staff may have needed to use harnesses, safety equipment and heavy machinery to climb high enough to survey site progress. By using a drone, staff can stay safely on the ground while our professional pilots take all the images needed for planning or progress reports.
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