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About Drone Views

Drone Views is a Dublin, Ireland based drone photography and videography company. We use the latest drone technologies to deliver high-quality aerial photos to help your business with projects that cannot be completed from ground level. Drone surveys from Drone Views are a quick way to gain information about land and building conditions from above. Our clients also gain valuable information on their planned or in-progress construction and real estate projects. Contact us at 01 819 7738 to discuss details for your next project.

What are Drones or UAVs? 

A drone, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), is a small aircraft controlled remotely by a trained pilot operating from the ground. While they began generally in military applications, drones have increased in stability and quality, and often include high-definition photography and video equipment. Drones are now being utilised for a variety of needs, including peacekeeping, observation, and delivery of products, as well as business needs, like construction  and environmental uses. 

By hiring trained and certified drone pilots, businesses receive high-quality aerial photos and videos to use for marketing, surveying, real estate, or other business needs. 

Contact Drone Views at 01 819 7738 to learn more about our drone photography and videography services.

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