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Drone Photography | 5 Top Benefits of Drones

One of the interesting things about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is how they have moved from being recreational toys not too many years ago, to being really useful tools for a variety of situations today. The benefits of drones have increased as the quality and stability of drones has grown to make them very reliable and helpful for many situations.

Drone in Flight - Benefits of Drones

Disaster Response

With drones becoming more stable, and able to carry small items, safety and rescue organizations are using drones to help in emergency situations, like assessing damage by quickly getting an aerial overview after a disaster. Drones can also be a great, cost-effective tool for search and rescue missions, where they can locate individuals and bring in emergency supplies.
Drone photography of Clonmacnoise Castle


By using drones equipped with new technologies like thermal imaging, archeologists can use non-destructive methods to find where buildings and paths were located hundreds of years ago. Also, drones used in archeological surveys help to provide information on historic sites, like creating 3-D models of structures and monitoring of conditions at the site.
View of crane at construction site


Drones are have become very valuable in the construction industry. From planning, where drones can help to survey and 3-D map the construction site, to monitoring the build progress and providing information quickly to contractors, drones are becoming very common at construction sites.
Overhead View of Event - Benefits of Drones


From creative marketing videos to special deliveries, drones are also taking their place in the marketing field. Marketers are finding a variety of unique ways to use drones to build marketing strategies, whether developing innovative video content, delivering promotional products, drones are again proving to be a very cost-effective tool.

Drone photography of industrial real estate

Real Estate

One of the industries to benefit most from drone usage has been the real estate market. Agents have found many ways to use drones, from surveying a roof prior to listing a property, to using drones inside a property to give a potential buyer a different perspective. Plus, drones give wide, overhead photos and videos that highlight a property and its surroundings, giving potential buyers great property views before taking a look in-person.

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