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Drone Photography of Clonmacnoise Monastery - Blog

Survey Photography | Drone Views Images from Clonmacnoise

Drone photography has made a huge difference in helping us understand the fascinating history behind historic monuments, from new angles. Using drones for survey photography has become very beneficial. Last summer, Anthony Murphy and Ken Williams were taking photos with their drones when they discovered a previously unknown henge near Newgrange. This henge was newly visible due to the summer’s drought conditions. The marks from this henge wouldn’t have been visible without the overhead view the drones were able to give. Drones are a great way to survey archeological or construction sites as they are small, quiet, weather-resistant, and able to capture wide views. Being able to view an area from the air means the photographer can get side-view perspectives or overhead views that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, helping to add more information about the site than had been known before.
Overhead View of Clonmacnoise Monastery | Drone Photography
Clonmacnoise Monastery
One of our drone photographers recently had the chance to take photos of the Clonmacnoise monastic site in Co. Offaly. The site has been around since the 6th century, and one of the buildings is still used for services during the summer months. Though rules regulating drone use prevent flying directly overhead of monuments like Clonmacnoise, we were able to capture some fascinating views of the monastery. We were excited to capture these side- and overhead-view images of buildings at the Clonmacnoise site, including Temple Connor, O’Rourke’s Tower, and Temple McDermot.
Overhead View of Clonmacnoise Castle | Drone Photography
Clonmacnoise Castle
Our photographer also visited the nearby Clonmacnoise Castle. The crumbling castle isn’t safe to visit close-up, but by using a drone to photograph the ruins, we were able to take pictures of the historic site from a unique angle, giving us more information about the structure than we would have from only shooting pictures from the ground. To learn more about how Drone Views can help with your next survey project, give us a call at 01 819 7738.  
Overhead View of Clonmacnoise Castle | Drone Photography
Clonmacnoise Castle

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